Coloseum Alliance Rules

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Coloseum Alliance Rules

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Coloseum Alliance members must respect the following rules:

1. Free Trade in Alliance - all items needed by and between alliance members must be free of charge

2. No KS between alliance members - never KS a member of the alliance, regardless if AFK or not.

3. No PK between alliance members - never PK a member of the alliance, regardless if for fun or bad behaviour ( exceptions from this rule: when both players agree to PK. ex: tests )

4. All Alliance based decisions will be discussed between all allied GMs - CS strategy, new allied guilds, excluding guild from alliance, etc.

5. Every GM is responsible for his members - each GM must educate his guild members in order to follow these rules, and the guild's rules

6. Decent language - no swearing , no offensive language, etc.

7. All problems between alliance members will be reported to the Alliance Master and to each member's Guild Master

8. Alliance Free Trade prior to server selling - when items are sold to non-allied players, if an alliance members requires the specified item, the item should be traded to the allied member, prior to the selling.

9. Alliance members switch not allowed - players registered to one allied guild can't leave to another allied guild - if one member leaves one guild, he can't return to the alliance.( exception: when both GMs are notified and agree with the switch

10. Respect for every Alliance member - each member has equal rights, each member must have a friendly and respectfull atitude towards all allied members.

11. Members leaving one guild from the alliance, without noticing their GM will not be reinstated into the alliance.

12. All Allied members must participate at the Castle Siege ( CS )

13. New members must participate at least 1 CS in order to have access into Land Of Trials.

14. Wings lvl 3 and Fenrir - High Value Items - Can be sold outside / inside alliance - inside alliance the price is 50 % off. ( When selling the item outside alliance the owner must also post the price so alliance members can calculate the inside alliance price )

Punishments will be decided by the allied GMs.

Additional rules may follow.

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